i am very anxious for all of the new fabric i ordered during the fat quarter shop birthday bash to arrive!  i can’t wait to dig in!  in the meantime, i started to search around for fabric shops in pittsburgh that i might not have been aware of so that, in the future, when i … More discoveries!


some time ago, i bought the best fruits and vegetables fabric.  it’s probably my favorite fabric ever, but i struggled with how to use it.  it didn’t seem like an entire fruits and vegetables quilt made sense.  (though, i think i should stop thinking that quilts should always make sense.)  after much contemplation, i decided … More totes.

(more) complete.

not to dwell on the fact that i finally finished this quilt. finally.  but, in order to have any content for this blog i must post the same quilt repeatedly, for approximately six months, which is the time it will take me to finish another quilt.  please enjoy. actually, the paint quilt was not completely … More (more) complete.


inspired by the quilt show, i pulled it together and finished the paint quilt.  yay! the process of making this quilt helped me work out a lot of issues that have been vexing me, which is awesome.  all of the things i mentioned here as potential problems turned out to be actual problems.  happily, after … More complete!


things were moving along…until they weren’t.  i’ve been absent from my sewing room since my last post for a number of reasons.  but, at this point, i am avoiding the sewing room primarily because i screwed up the ‘paint’ quilt and i don’t want to look at it anymore. as discussed in my last post, i finished the quilt top and … More setbacks.