second annual (for me) three rivers quilt show!

nothing like a quilt show to get you back in the quilting mood!  pammy declined to attend with me, so she missed out.  but, that gave nick the opportunity to experience all that is the three rivers quilt show.  this year’s theme: hexagons.

here are a few of my favorites:





qs4 qs6 qs5

i am always a sucker for color! now that i am looking at these pictures together i realize they are each very different.  i like them for different reasons.  some of them are not necessarily my style.  but, i appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship, and i love looking at them!


i love the hand quilting on this one.  my goal is to hand quilt something one day — maybe a potholder.


i like these two-color quilts a lot.  the ombre effect in the black and white one is so great and it must have taken some crazy planning.  but, the yellow and white quilt is one of my absolute favorites.  this is surprising because i don’t generally love yellow and white.  the quilting is just bananas and something about it makes me happy.


this is my favorite.  i’m not sure why.  i think because it’s detailed, but still somehow simple.  it’s also traditional, but the red triangles make it feel modern.  also, i just like triangles, in general.


and of course, the best of show.  i did not get a great picture because people were all over it.  at first, i didn’t love it.  but, the more i look at it, the more i understand.  the details, which cannot be appreciated from these pictures, are crazy.  and, i am in love with the two-sided border.


all in all, this was another super enjoyable quilt show.  and, although he will never admit it, nick was totally into it.


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