things were moving along…until they weren’t.  i’ve been absent from my sewing room since my last post for a number of reasons.  but, at this point, i am avoiding the sewing room primarily because i screwed up the ‘paint’ quilt and i don’t want to look at it anymore.

as discussed in my last post, i finished the quilt top and i was feeling pretty good about it.  i was moving along quickly — probably a little too quickly, as i came to learn — and i pieced my backing fabric and basted the whole quilt sandwich.

quilting the quilt is usually the most difficult, most frustrating, least fun part of making a quilt.  i do not look forward to it.  but, this time, i was not feeling nervous to quilt the ‘paint’ quilt because i decided to do an ‘easy’ quilting pattern.  simple, straight lines diagonally, starting from corner to corner and then every two inches moving outward in both directions from there.  except, for reasons that are still unknown to me, it was not easy at all and it quickly started to become terrible.  i’m not sure if it is because i did not baste the quilt sandwich well enough, or if my machine was pulling the fabric in a weird, incorrect way, or if my walking foot is not functioning properly, or if because i was in a cranky mood at the time this was happening all of my negative energy was being channeled into the quilt, but whatever the issue, it did not look good.

recently, i have taken to googling all questions that i have, both life and quilt related (for example, “is 31 too old to party for your birthday?”), so i googled “should i rip out my quilting and start over?” against the advice of almost the entire internet, i ripped it out.  at least, most of it.

this is how nick found me one night:

quilt ripping

i am watching call the midwife on the ipad, of course.

given that this quilt is being made for no reason other than the pure joy of quilting, i hope to one day muster the strength to return to my sewing room and face these obstacles.  but until then, i’ll have even less to say on this blog than usual.



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