about memy name is amanda and i love to quilt.  my first attempt at quilting was about 6 years ago.  that was a failed attempt.  luckily, i tried again 3 years ago and the thrill of finishing a quilt had me hooked!  i gave that first quilt to my poodle, wallace, who i adore.  growing up, my grandmother was pretty crafty and i spent some time sewing with her.  my mother made the occasional halloween costume and she taught me the skill of sewing on buttons, which is not very important for quilting, but it is very important for life.  she also bought me my sewing machine several years ago.  my little singer didn’t get much use until i started to quilt.

i didn’t know any quilters and i’m not sure why i decided to try quilting, but i’m so glad i did!  since i spend most of my time working in the not-very-creative legal field, i love having a creative outlet.  when i started, i was cutting fabric with a rotary cutter on bare floors.  i’ve learned lots of things since then, including the importance of a self-healing mat. one thing i’ve learned through discovering the active and inspiring online quilt community is that lots of cool people all over the world love to make quilts!

when i’m not in my sewing room, i enjoy hanging out in pittsburgh with wallace, and my husband, who i also adore.  i look forward to learning new quilting skills, making new projects, meeting other quilters, and sharing all of this here.  thank you for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Amanda, my grandmother attempted to pass on her quilting skills to me years ago and I’ve been working on a baby quilt since then. It was supposed to be a baby gift for Shannon…whose son is now almost ten. Kudos to you! I’m going to follow this for motivation to actually finish what I started!

    1. i abandoned my first quilt too and then tried again a few years later! it is hard to finish because they take. so. long. and thanks for being my first comment that is not from either my mom or my husband! 🙂

    1. welcome to pittsburgh!! i hope you are enjoying this lovely little city! and yes, i hope our quilty paths cross one day! one thing about pgh, since it’s a small city, that’s actually likely to happen!

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