i am very anxious for all of the new fabric i ordered during the fat quarter shop birthday bash to arrive!  i can’t wait to dig in!  in the meantime, i started to search around for fabric shops in pittsburgh that i might not have been aware of so that, in the future, when i am itching to get my hands on some new fabric, i can get an instant fix.  we have jo-ann’s, of course, which is fine if i am really in a jam, but it usually does not satisfy my new fabric cravings.  there is also loom in the strip district, which has lots of great fabric and which i might try to sneak into this weekend.  but, i always have difficulty getting to loom because it has somewhat limited hours.  there are a few other shops, but they are further away from the city and very rarely am i able to venture out to those.

through some googling, i was so happy to stumble across spool pittsburgh.  right now, it’s only an online shop.  but, they have plans to open a brick and mortar store in the allentown neighborhood of pittsburgh at the end of the summer.  this neighborhood, i’ve now learned, is not that far from me!  spool is having a 30% off sale on all fabric right now to prepare for the move.  of course, i had to support this new local fabric shop and i could not pass up that deal!

all of the solid fabrics at spool are american made brand.  i’ve never heard of this manufacturer before, but i’m so glad i’ve found it now!  it has 62 solid colors and they all look beautiful, though i have not seen any in person yet.  all of the fabric is entirely sourced and manufactured in the united states — from farm to fabric — which i absolutely love.  and, they have links to cool projects on their website, like these two quilts:

daydreams new-loveyay for new quilting discoveries!  and, congratulations to spool on the store.  i am glad to have found you and your wonderful fabrics!


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