a sale at the fabric boutique.

i have new quilt projects in the works!  that means new fabric!  looking at and choosing fabric might be my favorite part of quilting.  i tried to dig into my stash for one of these projects, instead of buying new fabric, but it was not very satisfying.  i think my stash isn’t developed enough yet to yield great results.  so new fabric it is!

the first project is going to be a gift, so i won’t post about that until after it has been gifted.  but, the second project is pretty exciting!  i joined the midnight mystery quilt-a-long hosted by meadow mist designs.  this is just as cool as it sounds.  each month a new assignment is posted.  you complete each assignment, which will eventually produce a finished quilt.  the mystery is, of course, that you don’t know what the quilt will look like until it’s done!  super fun.

june’s assignment was to choose fabrics.  it was liberating to choose fabric without having any idea what the finished quilt will look like.  i chose three fabrics from cotton + steel, plus a kona white.  this is the first opportunity i’ve had to use any cotton + steel fabrics, so that’s fun!



i hope i can keep up with the monthly assignments and i’m excited to see what this quilt will look like!

also, i started messing around with the look of this blog tonight, then i got sleepy and gave up.  so, apologies and i will try to better organize things soon.


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