(more) complete.

not to dwell on the fact that i finally finished this quilt. finally.  but, in order to have any content for this blog i must post the same quilt repeatedly, for approximately six months, which is the time it will take me to finish another quilt.  please enjoy.

actually, the paint quilt was not completely finished in the pictures from the last post.  those pictures were all taken before the quilt was washed.  i decided not to pre-wash the fabrics when i started the quilt.  that decision was made out of laziness.  because of that decision, i was sure all of the colors were going to run when i washed it, so i took lots of pictures before the ruination.

happily, i washed the quilt today and the colors did not run!  it came out looking lovely and crinkled.  i like it better because the crinkles hide the mistakes.  like the effects of a spray tan after a long winter.  (i assume this analogy works. i’ve never had a spray tan.)

anyways, here are two, final pictures of the paint quilt, crinkled:

paint quilt final paint quilt finalllll

(special thank you to nick, the unseen quilt holder.)

after the washing, i went to jo-ann’s for some supplies for my next project.  i’ll save that project for another post.  nick refuses to set foot in jo-ann’s (not really, but he complains loudly).  i will never admit this to him, but i also find most visits to be pretty terrible.  although, today’s trip was successful — i found everything i needed and fat quarters were on sale for 75 cents!


(jo-ann fabrics, monroeville, pennsylvania)

lastly, a photo of wallace sitting in the bathtub, being adorable.

wallace bathtub


6 thoughts on “(more) complete.

    1. thank you! wallace and i appreciate your comment! i was nervous about not pre-washing, but most of what i read said it’s not necessary. it’s so much nicer (and faster) sewing with unwashed fabric, so i think i’m a no-wash convert. 🙂

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