i love new faaaaabriiiiiic!!! (*oprah voice*)

there is nothing better than coming home to find this on your doorstep:

fabricpackageit is amazing what some black sharpie on a shipping envelope can do for me.  yay, new fabric!  this exciting little package came from spool, a local pittsburgh fabric shop.  to make it even better, spool included an adorable card in the package.

outsidecardinsidecardthis almost made me smile even more than the fabric itself.  a handwritten note!  i am sold — yes, michelle and jen, i will see you in your store later this summer.  and, the fabric is pretty too!

newfabrici didn’t choose these fabrics for any specific project or even intend for them to be used together, but they actually would make a cute quilt!  the prints are all cotton+steel and the solids are american made brand. i’ve been trying not to order more fabric this week — but, that card!  it doesn’t take much for me.  luckily, spool is having a 30% off all fabric sale until July 12!

i also ordered more cotton+steel prints, on sale, from the fat quarter shop and those arrived as well!  first, my fabrics for the meadow mist design’s midnight mystery quilt-a-long.

QALfabricthe quilt-a-long assignment for july is to cut the pieces.  i haven’t started yet.  i hope i don’t get behind in only the second month.

i did finish cutting strips for what is going to be a very girly quilt.  fun!

pinkandgraystripsand yes, these prints are none other than cotton+steel, again.  i have been dying for some cotton+steel fabric since its debut and this month i have definitely gone on a bit of a spree.  you’re welcome, fabric stash!



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