inspired by the quilt show, i pulled it together and finished the paint quilt.  yay! the process of making this quilt helped me work out a lot of issues that have been vexing me, which is awesome.  all of the things i mentioned here as potential problems turned out to be actual problems.  happily, after … More complete!


things were moving along…until they weren’t.  i’ve been absent from my sewing room since my last post for a number of reasons.  but, at this point, i am avoiding the sewing room primarily because i screwed up the ‘paint’ quilt and i don’t want to look at it anymore. as discussed in my last post, i finished the quilt top and … More setbacks.

things i am doing this weekend include quilting.

i did not complete the ‘paint’ quilt, make any holiday themed projects, or make any gifts for anyone during my time off.  i did, however, turn on my sewing machine and finish the top of the ‘paint’ quilt.  so i am satisfied. here is some progress being made, while i watch call the widwife, a bbc show … More things i am doing this weekend include quilting.