things i am doing this weekend include quilting.

i did not complete the ‘paint’ quilt, make any holiday themed projects, or make any gifts for anyone during my time off.  i did, however, turn on my sewing machine and finish the top of the ‘paint’ quilt.  so i am satisfied.

here is some progress being made, while i watch call the widwife, a bbc show about midwives in 1950’s london that is, for me, strangely conducive to quilting:

paint quilt1

as i’ve mentioned, i did not know where i was going with this quilt.  originally, i wanted to do 10 mayflower blocks in a stripe across the quilt with negative white space filling in the rest.  this is when i was imagining a larger quilt.  but then, either out of laziness or some other reason i can no longer remember, i decided this would be a baby-sized quilt for some mystery baby.  so, then i came up with this:

paint top done

it’s only 9 mayflower blocks (laziness) with a 4 inch white border.  i actually like it.  i like that when the blocks are together it makes the white diamonds.  and, i like the bright colors.  but, it’s still a little weird and so i will have to wait to gift it to some weird little baby.

i also spent some time this weekend thinking of an idea for a new baby quilt for a baby who is not a mystery.  why not give this actual baby the ‘paint’ quilt?  i don’t feel like the ‘paint’ quilt is right for this actual baby.  mainly because this actual baby is going to be a boy and the ‘paint’ quilt seems a little girly.  (i do not love the idea of ‘boy’ colors or ‘girl’ colors, but when gifting a quilt i try to conform to social norms.)

i spent a lot of time trying to find cute boy fabrics.  i probably could have pulled together some fabric from the ‘pow wow’ quilt i made for the boy twin, but re-using that fabric seemed boring.

funny meme

(i do not support these internet things — writing anything next to an old-timey drawing does not make it funny.  (i am so cranky!)  but this one, stolen from cluckclucksew, actually did make me chuckle.)

after much socially acceptable boy fabric searching, i found this!


adorable.  i went with the blues, of course.



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