can it be quilting time now?

things have been busy lately.  i realize there may never be a time when i can’t write that sentence and more likely than not life will only continue to get busier,  which is okay.  i actually prefer to be busy.  i get a little weird when i have too much time on my hands.  or, i watch terrible reality tv.  kendra on top is surprisingly gripping.

quilting is something that i enjoy doing when i’m not busy with work/life, but it also keeps me feeling like i am doing something, if that makes sense.  i am really looking forward to the holiday time because i am taking some vacation days and i plan to use at least part of them quilting! yay!

i want to finish the “paint” quilt that i started a while ago.  i would like to make some holiday themed projects.  i would like to make some gifts for people.  but really, if i turn on the sewing machine and manage to get a few pieces of fabric sewn together, i will be happy.

and because i don’t have any quilt pictures to share, here is our christmas card for this year:

wallace santa 2014



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