quilting in the moment.

in general, if i want to accomplish anything i need some purpose.  i can’t just enjoy the process.  i am trying to enjoy making this quilt just for the fun of making it, but i can’t stop wondering what i am going to do with the quilt.  it’s a little bit like my feelings about fall.  i always say i don’t like the fall because it comes before winter and i hate winter.  but, while walking with wallace in frick park the past few weekends i’ve come to realize i actually love fall.  i’ve never been able to live in the moment long enough to just enjoy it and i’ve always been focused on what is coming next.

i am also not loving the way this quilt is looking right now, which isn’t helping.  but, i have decided to carry on.   if it ends up looking strange and ugly, oh well.


here is a photo of wallace helping me quilt.  this is a short, weird post, but that’s okay too.


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