new quilt, new post.

i started working on my next quilt today.  after finishing a quilt, i usually feel like i need to take a break.  plus, this summer has been a busy one.  and, when it’s nice outside i don’t always want to be inside sewing.  for all of these reasons, i haven’t done any quilting/sewing for 3 months!

i think another issue i have is i usually get motivated to make a quilt/project when i know what i’m making it for.  i like to have a person/occasion in mind.  i need to be more spontaneous with my quilting and just start making something without worrying about what i’m going to do with it.  also, i think i need to be less ambitious sometimes.  the best part about a project is seeing it finished.  i’d like to sometimes get there faster.

with these things in mind, i started the first quilt that i think will end up in my house.  the quilt is going to be pretty simple, i think.  it will be 10 regular-sized mayflower blocks (see megan’s pouch below).  and then, the remainder will be negative, white space.  i like quilts with lots of negative space, i think they look modern and cool.  and, of course, having lots of negative space will be faster because i have to make fewer pieced blocks.

i am very excited about the fabric i choose for the blocks.  it is from a collection called “paint” for windham fabrics.  i bought a fat quarter bundle from the fat quarter shop.


the fabric is graphic, colorful, and quirky.  i found it because i was looking for a text print.  this collection has a lot of text within it and it’s very cool.  i still need to figure out a backing fabric, but that will be for another day!


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