consistent blogging is difficult

but, i am going to keep trying.  so, here i am again.

many months ago i mentioned that i was working on a big deal quilt.  i didn’t want to spoil the surprise then (as though anyone was at risk of being spoiled) but the big deal quilt was a wedding gift for my brother and his very soon-to-be wife, liza.  i actually gave  liza the quilt at her shower.  the wedding is in 1 week, yay!

in the end, i loved making them this quilt and i was pleased with how it turned out.  but, there were some ups and downs, for sure.

i decided to make a quilt from  vintage quilt revival.  first, as usual, i bit off more than i could ever possibly chew and started trying to make this quilt:

stardust quilt

this quilt has 30 foundation pieced blocks and i was bananas for thinking i was ever going to get the thing done in time.  plus, this quilt uses solids for a reason.  while i love solids and quilts made with them, when choosing fabrics i can’t help but go with patterned fabric.  it’s too enticing!  there are two different blocks in the quilt and when i started working on the blocks i realized 1. making 30 of them, at my speed, was going to take forever and 2. the fabrics i chose looked ugly together.  see photo below.

spaceout blocks together

i had already cut out all of the pieces for the top block, and made 5 of them, but, after much deliberation, i decided to re-assess the situation.  i used the three liberty of london fabrics in the bottom block, called “riviera,” and i loved the way those blocks were turning out.  so, i decided to make a different quilt from  vintage quilt revival using only the riviera blocks.

while it took a little trial and error, i was finally on a roll.  until, of course, the severing of the extensor hallucis longus tendon.

here’s a tip: rotary cutters are sharp and capable of causing injury; exercise caution. in an extremely not cautious move, i dropped my rotary cutter, blade out, and it landed on the top of my foot, partially (only partially!) severing the tendon that moves my big toe.  the people in the emergency room, and everyone else i was forced to tell this story to, thought it was hilarious that i injured myself in a quilting accident.

due to this accident, i had to wear this for 7 weeks:


so, that was a low point in the process.  but then, finally, the quilt was completed!  i finished it in the hotel room the morning of the shower, but nonetheless, it was finished and i was so happy to give it to liza.  here are some photos:

jake and liza embroidery close up

on a plane to/from switzerland, i embroidered in the negative space.

jake and liza quilt1

jake and liza quilt 3

jake and liza quilt 2

for the backing fabric, i used this anna maria horner deer print.  this was a nod to my brother who fancies himself a mountain man.

jake and liza quilt opening

and finally, here is liza (she’s there somewhere) opening the quilt at her shower.

many lessons were learned in the making of this quilt (sometimes i make bad fabric choices, tendon injuries are no joke, you can bring small embroidery scissors onto an airplane).  but, most importantly, i hope liza and jake enjoy their quilt and have many happy memories with it.


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