get in my pouch.

last night was meggie’s annual benihana birthday dinner, which has been our tradition for the past six years.  (the fact that we’ve been doing this for six years makes me feel really old.)  we clapped for the onion volcano, ate food doused in shrimp sauce, sang happy birthday, and as always, had a great time.

and, i gave megan her pouch present.  as i mentioned in a prior post, this was my first attempt at foundation or paper piecing and i think it went well!  the pouch pattern came from vintage quilt revival by katie clark blakesley, lee heinrich, and faith jones.  the book comes with a cd with all of the piecing patterns.  i had never heard of paper piecing before i bought this book and i didn’t realize that most of the patterns in the book use this technique, but now i’m glad i stumbled into this!

paper piecing, as i’ve learned, is used to do really precise piecing that would be difficult without the pattern.  it’s like paint-by-number, with fabric!  here is an example of a paper piecing pattern:

paper piecing example

and, if anyone is really interested, this is the youtube video i watched to figure out how to do paper piecing.  vintage quilt revival is totally great for its patterns and ideas, but i have to say that i didn’t find the book super helpful in actually teaching how to do the techniques found in the book.  i got the impression that it’s not meant for beginner-beginners.  but, that’s okay because the internet is full of tutorials.  also, this is a technique that, for me, was easier to learn by watching and so the youtube video was helpful.

now on to the pouch.  i used scrap fabrics from past quilts — megan and kyle’s kitty quilt, mainly — to make the mini-mayflower blocks.


making these blocks was fun and, as you can see from the paper piecing pattern in the photo on the left, the pieces for these blocks were small! working with such tiny pieces without the paper pattern would have been super difficult.

then, i used leftover fabric from our headboard to make the outside of the pouch.


(i took these photos next to our very green wall and so i apologize for the green glare.  also, i take all of my photos with my cell phone, which isn’t great.  i am adding to my list of things to do: find the charger for my actual camera and do a better job on the photos for this blog.)

and finally, for the lining of the pouch, i used a fat quarter that i got for free at the quilt show last weekend!


the pouch project was fun and i hope meggie likes it!  now, i am going to spend the rest of this sunday cutting out pieces for my next quilt and taking wallace for a walk in the park because i think spring might finally come to pittsburgh!




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