three rivers quilt show!

today, pammy and i went to the three rivers quilt show.  i am thinking about joining a quilt guild and i was googling around last week for guilds in the burgh.  and, i discovered that the three rivers quilt guild was having its annual show this weekend.  so, i convinced pammy to accompany me.

i, at least, had fun.  there were lots of quilts in the show and lots of vendors.  i bought some fun, cheap fruits and veggies fat quarters for some future project — place mats, perhaps?  we also saw some hardcore super computer sewing machines that were amazing and now i want one!  i will start saving my pennies.

i think the overall bent of the show was more traditional, less modern.  i’m not sure i exactly know where that line is but i can definitely swing both ways so however they are characterized i enjoyed the quilts.

here are some of my favs:

circles QSbright QS

hawaii QSpretty qs

i loved the bright colors in each of these.  i am a sucker for color.

dresden QS

each of these dresdens are hand appliqued, which is bananas.

plain qs

despite my love of color, i also think simple white is beautiful.  though, this quilt is far from simple.  it was entirely hand quilted, which is utterly bananas.

white and gray qstraditional modern QS

i also liked the “simplicity” of these two, not to mention the insane quilting.

pgh qslibrary QS

i am usually not drawn to picture quilts but i thought these two were really cool.  the pittsburgh quilt is so detailed and the colors are beautiful.  the library quilt was just adorable.  i can’t get over the little stuffed bunny at the bottom which i thought was so clever.

animal qsdresses qsnoah qs

lastly, some kid quilts which are, again, not usually what i am into but these are super cute, nonetheless.  they each involve some applique which i need to learn to do better.  my one and only applique attempt (see pillow in prior post) was not great.

thanks pammy for coming to the show with me!  i felt so inspired that i came home and started working on a birthday present for meggie.  it is my first time paper piecing and so far i think it’s super fun!  i will write more on that later.  for now, i have to go and watch a movie with nick about robots fighting aliens.



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