a new quilt!

i have once again burdened another unsuspecting baby with my quilting hobby.  another friend from work had an adorable baby girl in january and i went to visit her a few weeks ago.  and i made her a quilt!  this quilt did not take me nine months to make so i feel like that is an improvement.

the quilt pattern is called ‘walking on sunshine’ and it is from the etsy shop sweetjane. the fabrics are from allison harris’ (cluckclucksew.com again!) ‘wallflowers’ collection for wyndham fabrics.


i liked the fabrics because they were pretty and bright, but not super girly.  i absolutely love the backing fabric.  there is actually a dress for sale on modcloth.com right now made out of this fabric!  if only i could sew clothing.


i wasn’t sure how to quilt this one but i was running out of time (surprise!) so i decided to go with a simple outline.  you can sort of see the quilting in the close-up photo.


i continue to be terrible at the binding.  the binding on this quilt is really bad!  i think i’m going to try and follow a different binding tutorial for my next quilt because there is something about the cluckclucksew.com tutorial that i am not getting.

this was a really fun quilt to make and i’m glad that i finished it in a timely manner!


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