super project weekend!

earlier in the week i made plans to drop the baby boy’s quilt off at his house on saturday afternoon.  this gave me a deadline and i work much better with a deadline.  it helped that nick hosted poker night at our house on thursday night.  i holed myself up in the sewing room and finished all but the binding.  then, friday night i completed the quilt!  

i like to machine bind because obviously time is never on my side when it comes to these projects.  for both the twins’ quilts i followed the machine binding tutorial on–clearly, i’m a fan of this blog.  (  but, in this tutorial, the back seam line is not supposed to go through the binding on the front of the quilt.  so then the binding on the front looks nice and soft.  my back seam line refuses to do anything but go through the binding on the front, resulting in a stiff binding.  i’m doing something wrong, but i’m not exactly sure what.  maybe i have too much seam allowance?  or maybe i can’t be afraid to pull that binding past the seam line?  i am going to try and correct this issue on my next quilt.

but, without further ado, here is the finished quilt!


and here it is next to its sister quilt:


i quilted both using a scallop pattern.  i bought rolls of paper with the scallop pattern printed on it.  (it was so long ago i can’t remember where i bought them from!)  the paper sticks to the quilt and you quilt right over top of it.  it worked really well, but i feel like it took forever to rip the paper off!  maybe i was just impatient at that point. 

bonus to finishing the quilt–we got to hang out with the babies when we dropped it off!  adorable!!

and then, on to the second project for the weekend!  our headboard!  we are in the process of prettying our bedroom and one of the things i decided to do is make a headboard.  we have a gigantic california king bed (because nick is gigantic) and buying a headboard was going to cost around $500, so it seemed worth it to try and make our own.  we spent all afternoon gathering the headboard supplies which i swear might be the hardest part of every project.  the fabric came from ikea and ikea on a saturday afternoon is an insane place!

miraculously, we finished the headboard saturday night (at 2 a.m.)!  of course, there are a few little things that bother me (there always are), but overall i think it looks pretty good!  i’ll post a photo of the finished product when the room is all painted and the headboard is hung, but here are some work in progress photos:


it was a busy weekend but i’m so glad i finally finished that quilt and that progress is being made on our bedroom! next up–another baby quilt and painting!!


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